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Are you ready for CONOME?

Web application Conome, is a powerful digital platform that saves you maximal time and gives you more productivity!
Bring an end to paper piles and long office hours. Join the Conome platform and maintain your documents, products, events from where and whenever you want!
Take the office with you!

Conome Tutorials

Our team has created tutorials especially for you that facilitate your work with the Conome system!

Suitable experience
for the users


Organize, maintain, and track your events in real-time from wherever you are


Get notified for every sale, event, purchase, e-mail without losing any detail


Generate in-depth detailed reports with a matter of clicks

Debt card

Keep the debt status under control, each payment is deducted from the total amount until the debt is cleared

Wonderful design. Easy to use. High security.

Dizajn i mrekullueshëm

Wonderful design

Conome is designed in a modern way and suitable for all users

Përdorim i thjeshtë

Easy to use

Conome is easy, simple, and user-friendly for all users

Siguri e lartë

High security.

With Conome, all your data are safe and in every time accessible




Avoid human errors in the digital era, centralize all clients' data, and access them whenever you want with maximal security.


More time for the waiters and waitresses to serve and improve your clients' customer experience. Managers will report to you faster and more accurate.


Big factories need big production plans! Optimize your work while planning the processes with Conome system.

Small businesses

As an owner, apart from leading your business you can analyze reports, create invoices, salaries, compare services on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.


Create master-products where repeated sales that contain certain products are automated in one single product.

Beauty Salon

As a stylist, all your reserved or free dates will be clicks away which saves you time and energy which you can dedicate to your clients.


Conome - CRM Systems


€100.00 / vit


€550.00/ vit

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Delivery Note
Debt card
Salaries management
Organizational Units
Notifications system
Creating Recipes
E-Mail invoicing
Loyalty Card

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Conome

Our team has created tutorials especially for you that facilitate your work with the Conome system! To see them please click here!

You will be able to create companies, clients, products, events, sales and purchases, and much more! For more visit the link.

As the owner of your company and Conome account, you will be able to decide for which user will have what access. No need for additional costs!

Yes! The Conome system offers its pos system "POS Square" which is specially designed for work in restaurants and cafeterias. You can create shift managers, waiters, salespeople and similar. Ask for test user for POS Square.

The Conome system is suitable for small and large businesses, restaurants, factories, warehouses, beauty salons and similar. Respectively from your package, you can use the Conome system with all its categories without the need for additional payments. See packages here.

The companies that trust the Conome system are: IAM Water Scardica, Sun & Stars, Amanti, Accounting Consulting, Tuana Events, Cara Skele AG, ABZ, Objective Studio, Pirgosi SE, Pink JB. Become part of the Conome system by contacting us for more information.

The Conome system operates on high security servers located in Switzerland! The security of your data is guaranteed! Your account can only be active from one device at a time, which means that the same user can not log in simultaneously from two different devices!

No! Unlike other softwares, the Conome system allows you to create as many users as you need, and all this is included in the price of your package, at no extra cost!

With Conome, you can log in whenever and wherever you want, to monitor your company's performance! You can make sales and purchases with the currency you want. You can create products as a service, component products, products as raw materials, group and global products.

Market leaders use


Are you ready to start?