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As an accountant, Conome will save you a lot of time and provide you an easier and more organized work where data transfer is very simple and fast, while monitoring and maintaining them is a matter of clicks. Avoid human errors in the digital era, centralize all clients' data, and access them whenever you want with maximal security. With Conome, invoicing is digitalized thus saving you additional costs and guaranteeing you a fast invoice delivery.

Restaurant services

Conome also provides the POS system with a new, modern, and advanced design that is user-friendly and easy to use. Waiters and waitresses will have more time to serve your clients, thus enhancing the positive experience of your clients. Managers will report you faster and more accurate for the daily achievements, material quantities, most sold products or products which need to be more advanced. As an owner, you will have access in real-time and you will be able to monitor the workflow status of your restaurant.



Big factories need big production plans! Optimize your work while planning the processes with Conome system and the event module where you can plan the production process on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. Track and compare your products within the dashboard module where you can see which product sells the most or compare it to another product. Get notified about the manufacturing materials when their quantities are running low, by this, the production process will be always running and you won't lose time and profit!

The perfect solution for small businesses

As an owner, you will have more tasks than just running the business which drains your time and energy. Conome makes your work easier and at the same time, you as an owner will be able to analyze reports, create invoices, create salaries, compare your services on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Get notified for every sale, purchase, or update from your employees. Conome is a flexible application that expands its capacities simultaneously with the expansion of your business.


Organizing warehouse items

Organizing warehouse items Reorganize your warehouses with Conome. For every sale or purchase, the system updates the quantities automatically. Every purchase is accurately time-stamped by our system, this helps you keep your products within the shelf life and avoids eventual material or economic loss for your company. Create master-products where repeated sales that contain certain products are automated in one single product. With Conome, you can serve your clients better and faster by adopting their preferences on the system.

Beauty Salon

Automatize your bookings with Conome. Less writing notes, more time to work! As a stylist, all your reserved or free dates will be clicks away which saves you time and energy which you can dedicate to your clients. Get notified by our notification system for the upcoming or new bookings. Create a clients' database and have easier communication with them. All these centralized in one place and accessible in matter of seconds.


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